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Inridelo, handmade fashion accessories

Inridelo is a brand of fashion complements completely handmade with the best raw materials and qualities. Fashion accessories designed by Inma de la Riva.

Inridelo is the professional brand of Inma de la Riva, a creative and artisan from Cordoba, specialized in fashion complements made in exotic skins, and fine jewelry, as well as creating custom clothing.

Its philosophy is to use high quality materials, creating unique and exclusive pieces. Recovering the idea of ​​the small workshop, where each piece is treated and pampered in an artisan way, paying special attention to the details of the finishes, making each piece unique, personal, original and limited.

Inridelo has paraded throughout the Spanish territory together with prestigious designers like Asunción Retamero. Inridelo has recently been awarded the gold medal of the Forum Europe for its trajectory and professionalism as designer of fashion accessories.

The collection that we are going to see NATURE FRIEND is based mainly on the vegetal and marine nature. This collection is aimed at very feminine women who combine elegance with daring, while still being fun, with a sexy touch and natural coquetry.

The materials used in this collection are exotic natural furs, cultured pearls, rhinestones and Swarovski crystals and fancy and lace rewards. In short, a fusion of color with elegance, creating unique pieces, personal, original and timeless, as nature itself is.